Saturday 17 August 2019
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Manta Poker 3500 Basic Plus

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Manta Poker 3500 Basic Plus

Monolithic steel frame protected by grey anti-corrosion ceramic-paint provided with orange finished guards. Technical features: Beam painted with ceramic paint and protected by thermal welded bellows, waterproof and abrasion-resistant. Longitudinal (X axis) and cross cuts (Y axis). 3 motorized axes (X-Y-Z axes). Head rotation (C axis) at 0-90-180-270 degree in fixed positions manually operated. Head tilting (A axis) at 0-45 or 0-90 degree (optional) manually operated by means of a hand wheel and electronically displayed. Cutting head movement programmable via PLC on 3 non-interpolated axes. Five programmable cutting modes: 1 – manual mode, 2 - A1 single cut, 3 - A2 single cut, 4 - A3 multi repeated cuts at the same size, 5 - A3 multi page, multiple cuts with different sizes up to 99 (optional). X axis travel: 3,500 mm. Y axis travel: 2000 mm (squaring 1,900 mm). Three phase motor: 8kW - 1400RPM. Stainless steel blade guard Ø450mm, other sizes available upon request. Complying with the EC regulations. Barriers or other protections are prerogative of the respective state regulations.




Green color cutout optical system mounted on the disk crankcase


Cut disk Electric drive roller Working bench rubber Training operators Inverter for disc rotation control Hot-dip galvanized tilting table for an easy slabs loading and lifting by means of two hydraulic cyl

Technical Data

150762 FRESA MANTA POKER BASIC PLUS 450 1400 8 - 400 1900x3500 250 140 - Ø 450 495x285x250 2500
* Voltage and power on request.
The technical data herein mentioned are non-binding. They are for your guidance, only.
NUOVA MONDIAL MEC reserves the right to modify the technical features of the machines without prior notice.

One year parts warranty!