Sunday 23 June 2024
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Manta INOX Keramik

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Manta INOX Keramik

Own self circulating water tank in stainless steel; chromium plated and hardened steel bars, head travel by means of a handle, head rise and fall manually operated by hand wheel, 45 degree angle cut, folding legs, stabilizer bars. RPM adjustment of the blade for a better performance of the machine according to the disk diameter and the materials to be cut. Particularly suitable for new ceramic material cutting.





Pump Diagonal square Side table without leg Laser Handles and wheels for the machine hoisting Set of servicing wrenches


Cutting blade Long squaring bar Side stop Wheels to facilitate the machine manœuvring (mod. 150 only)


Depliant manta inox keramik.pdf

Technical Data

120296 MANTA INOX 100 KERAMIK 350 - 25,4 1200/4200* 2,2-230 1000 135 110 157x66x77 111
120294 MANTA INOX 120 KERAMIK 350 - 25,4 1200/4200* 2,2-230 1200 135 110 177x66x85 125
120297 MANTA INOX 150 KERAMIK 350 - 25,4 1200/4200* 2,2-230 1500 135 110 197x66x77 171
* Disc motor speed adjustment
The technical data here in mentioned are non-binding. They are for your guidance, only. NUOVA MONDIAL MEC reserves the right to modify the technical features of the machines without prior notice.

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