Saturday 26 November 2022
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Grinding and Polishing Machine for Marble and soft stones fitting either traditional abrasives or diamond tools. Aluminium base frame, it is the only one equipped with a manual level for back wheels positioned in the centre of the machine. Clockwise and anticlockwise motor revolution; Plastic water tank.





Base-plate to hold abrasive tools Splash guard Rubber spatula Set of servicing wrenches


Hydraulic jack with third wheel for a fast and easy replacement of the abrasive stones Polishing tools Water tank in aluminium Abrasive stones

Technical Data

100100 GAZZELLA 330 4 - 400 35 113x60x83 140
100462 GAZZELLA MONOFASE 300 2.2 - 230 35 113x60x83 140
100106 GAZZELLA 500 500 5.5 - 400 35 113x60x83 140
The technical data here in mentioned are non-binding. They are for your guidance, only.
NUOVA MONDIAL MEC reserves the right to modify the technical features of the machines without prior notice.

One year parts warranty!